Interested In Making And Designing Your Own Japanese Garden?

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Thanks for visiting my Japanese garden blog. Lots of my readers want to know more about Japanese garden DESIGN and LANDSCAPING. I have some very good news!

I have put together a free video on the subject of ‘Making A Japanese Garden-Design and Landscaping’ to give you a real flavour of what you will be looking for – irrespective of whether you have a larger patch of land, a small yard or even a rooftop area. All are possible in the world of Japanese gardens!

My Japanese garden design site is the home of the video and you can find out all about the subject by going to this webpage- there is NOTHING like this available online or offline so please enjoy …..and it contains a nice suprise if you want to make a Japanese garden toward the end of the video too!

To access the free video go to:

Have a great day and keep coming back to this website as it is constantly updated on the wonderful creations that are JAPANESE AND ZEN GARDENS.



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