More Japanese Garden Images

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Erinji Garden JapanHolland Park Japanese Garden London

 Erinji is one of my favourite gardens because of it’s layout and the prescence of water. The next Japanese garden I am going to build and design will have lots of water!

Holland Park Japanese garden is magnificent for one so close to a city centre. Well worth a visit- I love the positioning of the lantern in the picture.Holland Park is the smaller picture on the left hand side.

The Lion At The Entance To Portland Japanese Garden.Regon.USA


Cedric Wien took the photgraph of the lion ,it looks imposing and very regal and maybe a touch menacing! Portland Japanese garden is one of the finest examples of Japanese landscape gardening and design anywhere in the world outside of Japan.

If you are inspired to know more about Japanese garden design whatever size space you have and would like to learn more go to our new design and landscaping site – we have a FREE VIDEO waiting for you! AND some more pictures too.

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One thought on “More Japanese Garden Images

    garden photo tours said:
    July 25, 2011 at 10:07 am

    It is just nice to see Japanese Gardens at London. This means that many people, not only Japanese, like this set – up.

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