Japanese Zen Gardens Book for KINDLE Users

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I am delighted to say I now have my new publication on Zen gardens available for Kindle users on Amazon. If you have ever wondered ‘What Is A Zen garden?’then my book WILL tell you everything that you need to know.

Japanese Zen gardens book for Kindle

It is in plain English and just over 50 pages long with photo’s and lots of information that will make you an expert on the subject in a pretty short period of time!

Contents include – the meaning of Zen gardens, Zen garden history, types of Zen gardens, Japanese courtyard Zen gardens, the ingredients in a Zen garden, How big do they need to be?,Where should you build one, How to design one ( step by step instructions with pictures!) PLUS Stones, Rocks ( their use and meaning), Ornaments, Mosses, Bamboo, Plants, Shrubs, The world’s most famous Zen gardens and lots more!

Take a look by CLICKING HERE to see my Kindle listing.

It’s been a labour of love and as I have just finished building my own small space Zen garden at my home you can follow exactly how I did it and see the project from strat to finish. Relax and de-stress in a Japanese Zen garden its good for you!

The regular Ebook version of this book ( as an Adobe PDF download) will be avialable from August 19th from my website : http://www.whatisazengarden.com and on iPad and iPhone on Newstand as part of my soon to published ‘Japanese And Zen Gardens Magazine’.


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