3 Japanese Gardens In One Space At Kew Gardens In London

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I was lucky enough to visit Kew gardens in London – a fabulous few hours spent looking at all of the areas of this oasis in South West London.

But, what I really went there for was to visit the Japanese garden area. It covers some 5000 square metres, has three different varieties of Japanese gardens within the space. The Imperial Gateway has been associated with the garden for many years and in recent years has been restored to become perhaps the finest example of such a building outside of Japan.

There is a restored Japanese Minka which is stunning, a Karensui garden, a virtual Tea garden and even a Bamboo garden all within a stones throw of Kew gardens world famous Pagoda.

On my Facebook page I have put several photgraphs from Kew and my visit to the Japanese garden and I plan to make a slideshow along with an interview with the gentleman who is responsible for the gardens authenticity and upkeep. I will post details of that in the near future on this website but it will be included in the second edition of my new ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens ‘ magazine that launches on iPad and iPhone in the very near future.

In the meantime, take a look at this shortish video as I take you around the Japanese garden area at London’s Kew gardens. Enjoy!


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