See How I Made My Small Japanese Garden AND Watch My Plans For Phase 2

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After years of studying Japanese gardens and Zen gardens as well as running webistes like this one . I put into action my plans for a relatively small space Japanese garden in my rear garden at home. I sketched the plans to approximate scale and got on with making my dream a reality!

YOU can do the same with ANY size space at your home and the peace and tranquility that it will bring to your life will be well worth the effort I can assure you.

Here is a picture oh the first phase of my Japanese garden.


I filmed all of my building processes , explaining EXACTLY what to do in each stage of the gardens development. You can watch my garden take shape in the video series below, it’s a SHORT CUT to learning about Japanese garden design and I have kept it very simple for you:

AFTER thinking about the other elements around my Japanese garden area and using my Japanese garden design knowledge I came up with a plan that I am really excited about for PHASE TWO of my Japanese garden space.

It will be a HILL and DRY Water garden ( sometimes called a Hill and Pond garden). It will feature bamboo, boxus shrubs, lily’s, Crab apple, Azealeas, oriental grasses, rocks – large and small , a lantern and a dry river bed that shows the flow of the water downhill – a really neat trick within Japanese gardening for those people who do not want a ‘wet’ water feature. You can easily adapt what I am going to do for your garden too!

In this video I take you around my exsisting garden and tell you what I am going to do in PHASE TWO – I hope it inspires you and that you find it interesting! Take a look:

Hopefully, I have shown you that to have your own Japanese garden space, however large or samll, should not be anything to worry and stress about. Make a start after you have sketched a plan first – thats my first big tip! It really focuses the mind and the eyes.

You can grab a free copy of my latest Japanese garden design book by CLICKING HERE , the book is called ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ and is full of neat tricks and ideas for turning a bare and barren spot in your yard or garden into a haven of tranquility and peacefulness.There is a nice short video for you to check out as well.

You will also get free access to my Japanese garden newsletter called ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin’ where I and many experts in the field share tips and information on Japanese gardens and their design.  Why not try it? CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS.

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