Obstacles To Building A Japanese Garden In A Small Space

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1)   They look beautiful but I am not confident enough to build my own. –WRONG!

2)   It seems like a LOT of hard work to me and I struggle with gardening in general. – WRONG!

3)   I would need a lot of space and I don’t have it.- WRONG!

4)   They look so precise I just don’t have the ‘know how’ where to start making a Japanese garden. – WRONG!

5)   I’ve seen a few and they all look different. I have no idea what type of Japanese garden would suit my yard/garden. – HELP IS HERE!

6)   I am not sure I could get the ‘ingredients’ where I live. – YES, YOU CAN!

7)   I would love a Japanese stone lantern or basin but it would look odd on its own. I don’t know what to put with it. – GET IDEAS HERE!

8)   I don’t want lots of trees, shrubs and a Koi pond. I want something simple and low maintenance but I am not sure. WHAT?! – THERE ARE LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES!

9)   I just don’t have the money to make a Japanese garden area and professional designers are very expensive. – YOU CAN EASILY DO IT WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE!

Do any one of these reasons ring any bells?! Hopefully, we have reassured you with our responses…

Making a Japanese garden is a lot less stressful and difficult than you may imagine.

I understand your fears and frustrations because I HAD them too!

Let me show you lots of ideas for having your own dream Japanese garden area at your home to relax in and wash away the stresses of everyday life!

You really CAN have a stunning , quiet Japanese garden in your yard and we have the perfect resource for you right now….’The Japanese Garden Club’ .

It’s the biggest resource for people who want their own Japanese garden space ONLINE. Design plans, Videos, audio interviews, pictures, tips, ideas….and a forum for help and discussion with like minded people who LOVE Japanese gardens and Zen gardens!

Here is the CONTENTS page to give you an idea of what you are missing out on ! CLICK HERE to visit ‘The Japanese Garden Club’


If you want to build a Japanese garden in a small space and don’t know where to start…CLICK HERE.


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