North America’s TOP 25 Japanese Gardens

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The highly influential Sukiya Living Magazine ( The Journal Of Japanese Gardens) has done a detailed survey of all of America’s 300 plus Japanese gardens.

They have settled on a top 25 list that satisfy a number of criteria. The primary reason for the survey , which has been in exsistence since 1999, is to give pointers to journal readers on which gardens are worth visiting. Another facet of the judging is to recognise gardens where a lot of care and attention as well as effort has been displayed.

Last summer JOJG distributed a questionnaire to 41 Japanese garden specialists. The letter posed the question :”What are the highest-quality public Japanese gardens located in America?”

Judges felt natural beauty and subtleness were very important as well as human scale and moderation.

Sukiya Magazine wrote:

The race for the top two positions was nearly a dead heat. In the end, Anderson Gardens (photo above) nosed out the Portland Japanese Garden as North America’s highest-quality garden. This will be earth-shaking news for many people. Seven new gardens appeared on the list, with Arkansas’ Garvan Woodland Gardens being the top-ranked newcomer. Maine’s Asticou Garden and The Bloedel Reserve both rose sharply in the rankings, demonstrating an increasing willingness among pros to emphasize quality over size.

So well done Anderson Japanese gardens as it is no mean feat to push Portland Japanese garden into second place in anything!

AndersonJapanese garden

Here is the complete Top 25 Japanese gardens in America poll results for 2013:

1. Anderson Gardens

Anderson Japanese gardens

2. Portland Japanese Garden

3. Shofuso (Philadelphia)

4. UBC’s Nitobe Garden

5. The Bloedel Reserve

6. Seattle Japanese Garden

7. JACCC Los Angeles

8. The Morikami Museum

9. Carleton College

10. Tillman Water Plant

11. Asticou Garden (Maine)

12. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

13. Missouri Botanical Garden

14. San Mateo Japanese Garden

15. Garvan Woodland Gardens

16. Amherst College

17. San Diego Tech Center

18. Denver Botanic Gardens

19. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

20. Montreal Botanic Garden

21. Hakone Gardens

22. Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

23. East-West Center

24. Nishinomiya Garden (Spokane)

25. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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