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Help For HOW To Design A Japanese Garden

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How To Design A Japanese Garden


Spring is here and the garden that you have may be in need of a spruce up?!

A Japanese garden could be perfect- nature in miniature which means that you don’t need much space to have your own lovely garden at home.

Lot’s of options too! Take a look at our Pinterest board.

CLICK HERE : http://www.pinterest.com/japanesegardens/how-to-design-a-japanese-garden/

Further help is here with our recommended Japanese Garden books at the AMAZON store. CLICK HERE.



Japanese Garden Design Help

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Thanks for visiting our Japanese gardens blog.

If you are interested in improving your own Japanese garden or maybe are thinking of building your own in a small space in your yard or garden this will help…our Japanese Garden Design Pinterest board.

Click HERE to view it .

For more help creating a Japanese garden visit ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ CLICK HERE


Japanese Maples For A Japanese Garden

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Japanes Maples are a staple ingredients in most Japanese gardens and here is one of our pinterest boards on the subject. The Japanese Garden Club has a Japanese Maples section and Patrick McDaid of www.tamata.co.uk has shared these images and more with Club members.

Patrick is an expert on Maples and runs his own business importing them from New Zealand in the UK. Tamata also have a very successful business in New Zealand – here is their website : http://www.tamata.nz


CLICK HERE to find out more about Japanese Maples – Palmatum and Dissectums on our Pinterest board. Japanese Maples are perfect if you are creating a Japanese garden.

Japanese Garden Design in 2014…It’s Time To Consider Your Options!

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Happy New Year!

If you are tempted by the idea of a Japanese garden at home or have long had a desire to have one but never quite got round to it….take a look at all our free help here! From our Pinterest account here are ALL of our JAPANESE GARDEN PRESENTATIONS in one place.

Really useful help and tips and FREE books too. Enjoy! ……and get started.

CLICK HERE to see all of our Japanese garden presentations.


A Bonsai and Bamboo Garden In Norway

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A recent trip to Norway provided me with the chance to visit perhaps the most northerly tropical garden area in Europe.

Just off the coast of Stavanger is a truly remarkable garden, that you MUST visit should you ever be in the area. The garden spreads out over 20 acres and features a bonsai and bamboo garden area complete with rocks, ponds, waterfalls and a lot more.


I have put together a series of photgraphs from my visit on Pinterest and you can see the photographs by CLICKING HERE.

Look closely at the spacing of the elements – less is more in a Japanese garden and the use of shrubs, plants, trees and rocks very sparingly merely adds to the viewing pleasure and can give you some really good ideas for your own Japanese garden space at home.

This Norwegian Japanese garden oasis has everything in it  – Koi, water features, bamboo, Acers / Maples, rock formations, Bonsai, beautifully chosen and positioned low level shrubs. A very important Japanese garden in Europe and it was a pleasure to visit.

Simplicity and balance is the key for a relaxing and eye catching beautiful Japanese garden! You can get some really good ideas for designing and creating a Japanese garden from my latest book on the subject. It is FREE and called ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ CLICK HERE to claim your complimentary copy.

We are on Pinterest – Take a look at our Pinterest Boards

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Japanese gardens on Pinterest
Japanese gardens on Pinterest

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We have boards on Pinterest and hope you will take a look at them , we cover simpley beautiful Japanese garden pictures and videos through to Japanese garden design and books!

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