Japanese Maples for a Japanese garden

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Maples In A Japanese Garden

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One of the staple ingredients of most types of Japanese garden are Maples and Acers.

There are many types for you to choose from and some that are slightly more weather sensitive than others. Get some really good ideas for Japanese Maples in a domestic Japanese garden from our Pinterest board on the subject.

CLICK HERE: http://www.pinterest.com/japanesegardens/japanese-maples/

Japanese Maples

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Creating A Japanese Garden In a Small Yard

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‘The Japanese Garden Club’ is the perfect companion for people wanting to create a Japanese garden in a small yard or space.

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 And interview packed with great help and tips, Japanese Maples – everything you need to know about these popular ingredients in a Japanese garden AND Bridges in Japanese gardens – they can be large or very small to suit all sized spaces.

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Japanese Maples For A Japanese Garden

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Japanes Maples are a staple ingredients in most Japanese gardens and here is one of our pinterest boards on the subject. The Japanese Garden Club has a Japanese Maples section and Patrick McDaid of www.tamata.co.uk has shared these images and more with Club members.

Patrick is an expert on Maples and runs his own business importing them from New Zealand in the UK. Tamata also have a very successful business in New Zealand – here is their website : http://www.tamata.nz


CLICK HERE to find out more about Japanese Maples – Palmatum and Dissectums on our Pinterest board. Japanese Maples are perfect if you are creating a Japanese garden.