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Making A Japanese Garden – Water Features…

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Water sources in Japanese gardens should appear as natural as possible and blend in with the surroundings. Riverbeds, streams, ponds and larger areas of water are common.

A pond for example has to be natural in shape – if you have a rectangular Koi pond then this would appear out of place in a Japanese garden landscape. Koi and Koi ponds is a very important section of certain types of Japanese gardens.

Fountains do not exists in Japanese gardens, waterfalls yes, but fountains no. They are man made and not ‘natural’ in appearance. Don’t get me wrong I am not ‘fountainist’ it’s just with Japanese gardens there are certain rules that have to be observed. If you really wanted a fountain in a Japanese garden, it’s not a heinous crime but your garden would not be wholly authentic!

Streams– nearly always man-made are a big part of Japanese gardening, they often are built with curves giving them a more natural appearance. The positioning of lanterns is more often than not by streams or ponds within a garden. This represents the female and the male elements of ‘water’ and ‘fire’.

This concept is known in Japanese tradition as YIN and YANG.

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Dry water is also very common in Japanese gardens, and they are equally eye catching too.’Dry’ gardens are sometimes referred to as Japanese Rock Gardens but their real name is Karesansui.

Sand and gravel are the principle ingredients and depict ‘wet’ water within an often miniature landscape making this type of garden ideal for indoors and outdoors. Everybody finds water and water features soothing and de-stressing so why not learn how to have your own – simply, cheaply and effectively. You won’t regret it either I can assure you!

To find out more about water as an element of a Japanese garden and the use of ‘dry’ water take a look at my book – it’s a compendium of everything you need to know about these beautiful gardens and will show you exactly how to have your own STUNNING Japanese garden space at home can be found at


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Japanese Garden Design Help

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If you are interested in improving your own Japanese garden or maybe are thinking of building your own in a small space in your yard or garden this will help…our Japanese Garden Design Pinterest board.

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For more help creating a Japanese garden visit ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ CLICK HERE


Japanese Maples For A Japanese Garden

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Japanes Maples are a staple ingredients in most Japanese gardens and here is one of our pinterest boards on the subject. The Japanese Garden Club has a Japanese Maples section and Patrick McDaid of has shared these images and more with Club members.

Patrick is an expert on Maples and runs his own business importing them from New Zealand in the UK. Tamata also have a very successful business in New Zealand – here is their website :


CLICK HERE to find out more about Japanese Maples – Palmatum and Dissectums on our Pinterest board. Japanese Maples are perfect if you are creating a Japanese garden.

The Japanese Garden Club – Help For Your Japanese Garden At Home!

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For anyone who dreams of having their own Japanese garden in their yard or garden the thought can be quite daunting.

Where to start? What to put in it? Why are certain elements in Japanese gardens? How much will it cost me? Where do I find out about Japanese gardens? 

These are a few of the questions that you have probably asked yourself ….and maybe a few more!


Here is a Presentation that I have put together for new members – it is not narrated but tells you all about ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ , it will take just a couple of minutes and should get your creative juices flowing and your imagination working overtime!

‘The Japanese Garden Club’ is the World’s first online community for people who dream of having a Japanese garden at home. Whether it is with bamboo and Maples swirling in the breeze.. right the way through to a Japanese Zen style garden for relaxing and contemplating in.

‘The Japanese Garden Club’ brings together all of the information, advice and expert tips in ONE place to help you achieve your dream garden. Interviews, Design plans, Video’s, Free books, Audio instruction and a lot more are waiting for you in ‘The Japanese Garden Club’.

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Obstacles To Building A Japanese Garden In A Small Space

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1)   They look beautiful but I am not confident enough to build my own. –WRONG!

2)   It seems like a LOT of hard work to me and I struggle with gardening in general. – WRONG!

3)   I would need a lot of space and I don’t have it.- WRONG!

4)   They look so precise I just don’t have the ‘know how’ where to start making a Japanese garden. – WRONG!

5)   I’ve seen a few and they all look different. I have no idea what type of Japanese garden would suit my yard/garden. – HELP IS HERE!

6)   I am not sure I could get the ‘ingredients’ where I live. – YES, YOU CAN!

7)   I would love a Japanese stone lantern or basin but it would look odd on its own. I don’t know what to put with it. – GET IDEAS HERE!

8)   I don’t want lots of trees, shrubs and a Koi pond. I want something simple and low maintenance but I am not sure. WHAT?! – THERE ARE LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES!

9)   I just don’t have the money to make a Japanese garden area and professional designers are very expensive. – YOU CAN EASILY DO IT WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE!

Do any one of these reasons ring any bells?! Hopefully, we have reassured you with our responses…

Making a Japanese garden is a lot less stressful and difficult than you may imagine.

I understand your fears and frustrations because I HAD them too!

Let me show you lots of ideas for having your own dream Japanese garden area at your home to relax in and wash away the stresses of everyday life!

You really CAN have a stunning , quiet Japanese garden in your yard and we have the perfect resource for you right now….’The Japanese Garden Club’ .

It’s the biggest resource for people who want their own Japanese garden space ONLINE. Design plans, Videos, audio interviews, pictures, tips, ideas….and a forum for help and discussion with like minded people who LOVE Japanese gardens and Zen gardens!

Here is the CONTENTS page to give you an idea of what you are missing out on ! CLICK HERE to visit ‘The Japanese Garden Club’


If you want to build a Japanese garden in a small space and don’t know where to start…CLICK HERE.