FREE Book ! ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’


My name is Russ Chard and I write on the subject of Japanese garden and Zen gardens . My three books are here on this page of my website.My latest book is currently free and is ideal if you are looking for some inspiration to have your own Japanese garden space at your home.

Whether you have a SMALL space or a larger space this book will inspire you to get going and have a beautiful Japanese garden area in your garden or yard.This is what the cover looks like:


It is easier than you think! Read what people are saying about the book ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ and access your free copy of the book by CLICKING HERE 

Japanese gardens – Revealed and Explained – Japanese gardens are beautiful creations and are steeped in history and tradition. If you would like to know more OR are about to embark on designing your own there ARE many aspects of Japanese gardens that you must know in order to do the job and construction correctly. This book  is full of exactly this sort of infomation- from design to plants , from history to garden types and of course lots of tips. Planting advice for rock plants and shrubs and trees included.

Japanese Gardens - Revealed and Explained ( Amazon Kindle)
Japanese Gardens – Revealed and Explained ( Amazon Kindle)

Read about the manual at my website , you can see a screenshot below simply visit by CLICKING HERE

NEW for AUGUST 2012 – the perfect answer to the question ‘What Is A Zen Garden?’ my latest 50 page book with images and everything you would want to know about Japanese Zen gardens!History, designs, vairties, their meaning, Stones, Rocks,ornaments, Edging, Ingredients, plants and shrubs and a STEP by STEP set of pictures and instructions on how to build a Zen garden (sometimes referred to as a Japanese Rock Garden) in your own space outdoors.

Its now available on AMAZON KINDLE CLICK HERE

My Japanese Zen Gardens book published August 2012


2 thoughts on “FREE Book ! ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’

    david hockstein said:
    March 9, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    I have a serious american garden in the japanese style and would like to meet and view other enthusiasts gardens. I live near Wash DC and feel a 100 mile radius would be very doable. I published a book of photas of my garden and it can be viewed by going to google and enter David Hockstein’s garden.
    my email is

      japzen responded:
      March 11, 2012 at 11:33 am

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the post , I really hope people get in touch. Sounds like an interesting garden project – feel free to let me have some pictures and I will put them on the site for readers and visitors to enjoy. Regards Russ

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