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Creating A Japanese Garden At Home With The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club

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It is NOT possible to create a Japanese garden in a weekend. People who claim that it is are NOT telling the truth. If you do it won’t be right and won’t last long!

Making a Japanese garden takes a little knowledge, time and some help along the way.

We have just launched The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club 6 modules to show you HOW to make a Japanese garden in your yard or garden in simple, easy to understand and follow steps.



What you NEED to include

Do’s and Don’t s

A FULL video, interview and time lapse video of a Japanese garden project to be inspired by and copy from START to finish!




And that’s just to start with.

Let us help and INSPIRE you….at an unbeatable , great value price ( you won’t believe it !! 🙂 )


Water Sources In Japanese Gardens

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Thanks for reading my Japanese Gardens Blog once again.

Water sources in Japanese gardens should appear as natural as possible and blend in with the surroundings.Fountains do not exists in Japanese gardens, waterfalls yes, but fountains no. They are man made and not ‘natural’ in appearance. Don’t get me wrong I am not ‘fountainist’ it’s just with Japanese gardens there are certain rules that have to be observed. If you really wanted a fountain in a Japanese garden, it’s not a heinous crime but your garden would not be wholly authentic!

Streams- nearly always man-made are a big part of Japanese gardening, they often are built with curves giving them a more natural appearance. The positioning of lanterns is more often than not by streams or ponds within a garden. This represents the female and the male elements of ‘water’ and ‘fire’.

This concept is known in Japanese tradition as YIN and YANG.

Dry water is also very common in Japanese gardens, and they are equally eye catching too. To find out more about water as an element of a Japanese garden and the use of ‘dry’ water take a look at my book – it’s a compendium of everything you need to know about these beautiful gardens and will show you exactly how to have your own STUNNING Japanese garden space at home can be found at


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