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Japanese Garden Boundaries – Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast

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Thanks for stopping by our Japanese garden blog.

We have a free podcast that is published every 3 or 4 weeks on all sorts of aspects of Japanese gardens and Japanese gardening at home in a garden or yard.

Courtesy of www.coolgarden.me
Courtesy of http://www.coolgarden.me

Boundaries are very important in a Japanese garden or a Zen style garden and this edition of the podcast is all about the importance of boundaries in a Japanese garden – essential to distinguish the garden itself from the outside world.

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To get more help, ideas, tips and practical examples on how you can easily and quickly create a stunning Japanese garden space at home please take a look at The Express Japanese Garden Club.


A Japanese Garden In Springtime…

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JG11PFG Waterfall & Lantern

David M Cobb is the world’s foremost photgrapher of Japanese gardens. It’s what he does and he’s very famous for it.

If you haven’t experienced David’s unique talent then take a look at this BLOG entry – he has been out and about photographing a Japanese garden in Spring – one of the most magical times of the year to do so. Enjoy!

David Cobb took all the pictures for a great book called 'Quiet Beauty - The Japanese Gardens of North America['
David Cobb took all the pictures for a great book called ‘Quiet Beauty – The Japanese Gardens of North America
David M Cobb Portland Japanese garden in the fall.
David M Cobb Portland Japanese garden in the fall.


David’s images will hopefully inspire you to think about having your own Japanese garden in a small space! It’s a lot easier than you may think and our free book ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ will show you exactly how and give you lots of inspiration too!


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The Elements Of Japanese Gardens

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A typical Japanese garden contains several of the following elements, they can be real or just symbolic, here are a few pointers although you can watch a short video on Things To Know About Japanese Gardens by clicking here: : http://youtu.be/ExKZSfbQW7o

Elements: Water, an island, possibly a bridge to an island, a teahouse or kind of pavillion and a lantern usually made of stone- you will notice on the lantern picturs that I have posted that it has a a large ‘roof’- this is designed to catch and hold a ‘cap’ of snow. Stunningly beautiful as I am sure that you can imagine!

Styles of Japanese gardens fall into a number of areas:

1) Sitting gardens- for viewing from inside a building or a veranda.

2) Pond gardens- ideally for viewing from a boat.

3) Tea gardens-these are viewed from a path which always leads to a kind of ceremonial tea hut.

4) Strolling gardens-distinctly unique and often breathtakingly beautiful, the idea is that you view them from a path which circumnavigates the entire garden design and structure.

Most Japanese gardens in the West , as well as within Japan, are ‘dry’ or ‘rock’ gardens known as ‘Karesansui’ . Tea gardens-are often designed to follow the tradition and history of the Tea masters- they are often highly refined gardens refelecting rural simplicity.

Japanese gardens in a traditional style can be found all over the world in private residences, parks, Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines. Many historical landmarks such as castles can be host to Japanese gardens too.

I have put together a short informative video on ’40 Things To Know About Japanese Gardens’

Take a look :

Imagine how beautiful just a few of the traditional elements of a Japanese garden would look in your yard or garden! Grab a copy of our FREE book ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ and get inspired and started…you will love the results and we’ve done all the hard work for you!

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The Japanese Garden Club – Help For Your Japanese Garden At Home!

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For anyone who dreams of having their own Japanese garden in their yard or garden the thought can be quite daunting.

Where to start? What to put in it? Why are certain elements in Japanese gardens? How much will it cost me? Where do I find out about Japanese gardens? 

These are a few of the questions that you have probably asked yourself ….and maybe a few more!


Here is a Presentation that I have put together for new members – it is not narrated but tells you all about ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ , it will take just a couple of minutes and should get your creative juices flowing and your imagination working overtime!

‘The Japanese Garden Club’ is the World’s first online community for people who dream of having a Japanese garden at home. Whether it is with bamboo and Maples swirling in the breeze.. right the way through to a Japanese Zen style garden for relaxing and contemplating in.

‘The Japanese Garden Club’ brings together all of the information, advice and expert tips in ONE place to help you achieve your dream garden. Interviews, Design plans, Video’s, Free books, Audio instruction and a lot more are waiting for you in ‘The Japanese Garden Club’.

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