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Japanese Garden Newsletter – Its FREE and WILL Help You To Have Your Own Japanese Garden At Home

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I have a Japanese garden newsletter called ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin’.

I decided to launch it a few months ago specifically for people who wnated to learn all about Japanese gardens and HOW to have their own calming, stress free and beautiful Japanese garden space at home.

You DO NOT need a lot of money to do it  and you DO NOT need a lot of space. Japanese gardens reflect nature in miniature! So, if you only have a SMALL space it is no problem at all!

The reaction I get is great and the information that I provide is highly relevant and top quality. I would LOVE you to be part of my online Japanese garden community by reading ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin ‘ Newsletter.

The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launches in January 2013
The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launched in January 2013

SIGN UP FOR ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin ‘ ( It is a complimentary service AND you get a free copy of my book ‘Japanese Gardens Revealed and Explained’ – just CLICK HERE TO START


A Bonsai and Bamboo Garden In Norway

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A recent trip to Norway provided me with the chance to visit perhaps the most northerly tropical garden area in Europe.

Just off the coast of Stavanger is a truly remarkable garden, that you MUST visit should you ever be in the area. The garden spreads out over 20 acres and features a bonsai and bamboo garden area complete with rocks, ponds, waterfalls and a lot more.


I have put together a series of photgraphs from my visit on Pinterest and you can see the photographs by CLICKING HERE.

Look closely at the spacing of the elements – less is more in a Japanese garden and the use of shrubs, plants, trees and rocks very sparingly merely adds to the viewing pleasure and can give you some really good ideas for your own Japanese garden space at home.

This Norwegian Japanese garden oasis has everything in it  – Koi, water features, bamboo, Acers / Maples, rock formations, Bonsai, beautifully chosen and positioned low level shrubs. A very important Japanese garden in Europe and it was a pleasure to visit.

Simplicity and balance is the key for a relaxing and eye catching beautiful Japanese garden! You can get some really good ideas for designing and creating a Japanese garden from my latest book on the subject. It is FREE and called ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ CLICK HERE to claim your complimentary copy.

The North American Japanese Garden Association

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This is  a society of Japanese garden enthusiasts from all over America and Canada – a part of the world that has a real passion for Japanese gardens. Here is proof as the NAJGA has this map on their website that shows over 250 Japanese gardens in the continetal US and Canada.








Japanese gardens are really appreciated in the US and this organisation has been set up for like minded individuals and enthusiasts alike. There are a few different membership levels ranging from sudents and individuals through to green organisations and businesses who are involved in Japanese gardening.

The NAJGA has a regular newsletter that I have had the pleasure of reading over the Christmas period and it is informative and easy to read. I know from my websites statistics that a large percentage of my readers are from North America and I reccomend you check out the NAJGA ‘s website by CLICKING HERE.

The purpose of the association is to ensure the sustainability of Japanese gardens and very importantly they have vision. This is from their website and explains succinctly the aims of the NAJGA:

Key Operating Principles:
  • To acknowledge the diversity of the field that includes professional public garden managers, gardeners, designers, contractors, independent business owners, academics, students, cultural arts practitioners and individuals affiliated with public gardens including board members or others with a passion for the art form.
  • To appreciate the essential grassroots nature of the field through a decentralized organizational approach that recognizes regional requirements.
  • To respect existing North American perspectives while fostering greater connectivity and exchange with Japanese expertise through an affiliation with our Japanese Consortium Partners.

I have been in communication with the associations Diana La Rowe who is keen to spread the word about North America’s often beautiful and serene Japanese gardens and I am happy to assist in this! Hopefully, Diana and her colleagues will be guest posters on my website in the near future as the subject of Japanese gardens becomes ever more popular around the world and as you know for good reasons!

2012 Review For Another GREAT Year – Thanks For Visiting And Keep Coming Back In 2013!!

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Hi, and thanks for visiting my Japanese garden blog – it’s been another great year and I can promise you a lot of really great information and exciting developments on all things Japanese gardens in early 2013. I KNOW you will love them …..sorry to be mysterious but I am pretty close to being able to tell you exactly what these ventures are.

Please keep visiting my website and my other Japanese garden and Zen garden websites listed below:








Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 28,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

The ‘Japanese Garden Bulletin’ Complimentary Newsletter Launches in Early January 2013

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Thank you for stopping by my Japanese garden website. My name is Russ and I LOVE Japanese gardens and Zen gardens and have written on the subject and made videos about them for many years. In early January 2013 after the holidays I am launching a complimentary newsletter called the ‘Japanese garden Bulletin’ .

The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launches in January 2013
The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launches in January 2013

You can register to recieve the ‘Bulletin’ and find out all about it at my website japanesegardenbook.com just CLICK HERE to find out more about this interesting new service that I am delighted to be providing to my readers and visitors.