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30 Years In The Making – Stunning Japanese Garden

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Here’s is our Pinterest page and board for a stunning private Japanese garden in the UK, tucked away out of site but a garden that has taken 30 years to imagine and create – so many beautiful features that are so well thought out.

Take a look by CLICKING HERE

If you are thinking of making a Japanese garden then this garden would be a great one to get some ideas from!


Making A Japanese Garden – ‘Edging’ An Important Thing To Do

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In a Japanese garden and its design principles you will often hear about ‘flow’. A Japanese garden has to be something with a clean and crisp visual appearance and ‘flow’ – this is so everything appears to naturally follow on in the viewers eyes. Think of it as ‘visual tidiness’.

Edging is used in all sort of gardens all over the world but in a Japanese garden , when placed properly and with the right materials, it can really be highly effective. You could have a borderline between the garden and other parts of your space if you are just utilising a small area. A borderline can also be used to give paths an edge too.

In a Japanese garden you can use all sorts of edging materials. Cast stone, Bamboo, edging stones, slate, bricks and even an iron fence.

Slate because of its different shades will provide clean lines in your project when making a Japanese garden. Terracotta is also one of the top edging ingredients used because of its shade of colour. Stone can be used for edging a pond or a smaller building.

In a Japanese garden gravel can be used as either a pathway OR as a border to give a distinguishing line between areas. The use of bricks is becoming more common in Japanese garden design and not as a straight line laid out going one way or another. Bricks can be laid in all sorts of ways to make the garden interesting – so do not be afraid to experiment.

Concrete can be moulded easily for any kind of edging look that you want to achieve. River rock gives a totally natural feel to eding and cast stone is sometimes used as an alternative for natural rock.

Edging with bamboo is a way of creating some intricate edging for the garden. Simply, cut the can of the bamboo to the height that you want and bury in the ground for quick and effective results.

Sometimes, metal fencing is added to Japanese gardens as some people feel that its addition adds a certain amount of elegance.

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Japanese gardens are famous for their peace and tranquility so remember the colour and style of the edging that you choose NEEDS to match and follow the natural flow of the garden. A couple of good tips – a Japanese garden is all about nature, so when making a Japanese garden if you do some edging with rocks don’t make them all the same size because in nature that simply wouldn’t happen. Spread the rocks around in different sizes. The same goes with trees or shrubs – think NATURAL in your design thoughts and you should find that the ideas flow quickly and naturally for your design.

Here are some images of edging in a Japanese garden.


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We are on Pinterest – Take a look at our Pinterest Boards

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Japanese gardens on Pinterest
Japanese gardens on Pinterest

Hello and welcome to our website.

We love all things JAPANESE GARDENS !

We have boards on Pinterest and hope you will take a look at them , we cover simpley beautiful Japanese garden pictures and videos through to Japanese garden design and books!

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Feel free to PIN and REPIN! We update these boards regularly so please check them out for beautiful Japanese garden and Zen garden photo’s and videos!

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I am REALLY keen to give you exactly the information that you are looking for and LOTS of it too. Please vote in this poll to help me give you what you want in terms of Japanese garden information.

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3 Japanese Gardens In One Space At Kew Gardens In London

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I was lucky enough to visit Kew gardens in London – a fabulous few hours spent looking at all of the areas of this oasis in South West London.

But, what I really went there for was to visit the Japanese garden area. It covers some 5000 square metres, has three different varieties of Japanese gardens within the space. The Imperial Gateway has been associated with the garden for many years and in recent years has been restored to become perhaps the finest example of such a building outside of Japan.

There is a restored Japanese Minka which is stunning, a Karensui garden, a virtual Tea garden and even a Bamboo garden all within a stones throw of Kew gardens world famous Pagoda.

On my Facebook page I have put several photgraphs from Kew and my visit to the Japanese garden and I plan to make a slideshow along with an interview with the gentleman who is responsible for the gardens authenticity and upkeep. I will post details of that in the near future on this website but it will be included in the second edition of my new ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens ‘ magazine that launches on iPad and iPhone in the very near future.

In the meantime, take a look at this shortish video as I take you around the Japanese garden area at London’s Kew gardens. Enjoy!

Japanese Zen Gardens Book for KINDLE Users

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I am delighted to say I now have my new publication on Zen gardens available for Kindle users on Amazon. If you have ever wondered ‘What Is A Zen garden?’then my book WILL tell you everything that you need to know.

Japanese Zen gardens book for Kindle

It is in plain English and just over 50 pages long with photo’s and lots of information that will make you an expert on the subject in a pretty short period of time!

Contents include – the meaning of Zen gardens, Zen garden history, types of Zen gardens, Japanese courtyard Zen gardens, the ingredients in a Zen garden, How big do they need to be?,Where should you build one, How to design one ( step by step instructions with pictures!) PLUS Stones, Rocks ( their use and meaning), Ornaments, Mosses, Bamboo, Plants, Shrubs, The world’s most famous Zen gardens and lots more!

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It’s been a labour of love and as I have just finished building my own small space Zen garden at my home you can follow exactly how I did it and see the project from strat to finish. Relax and de-stress in a Japanese Zen garden its good for you!

The regular Ebook version of this book ( as an Adobe PDF download) will be avialable from August 19th from my website : http://www.whatisazengarden.com and on iPad and iPhone on Newstand as part of my soon to published ‘Japanese And Zen Gardens Magazine’.