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Japanese Garden Boundaries – Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast

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Thanks for stopping by our Japanese garden blog.

We have a free podcast that is published every 3 or 4 weeks on all sorts of aspects of Japanese gardens and Japanese gardening at home in a garden or yard.

Courtesy of www.coolgarden.me
Courtesy of http://www.coolgarden.me

Boundaries are very important in a Japanese garden or a Zen style garden and this edition of the podcast is all about the importance of boundaries in a Japanese garden – essential to distinguish the garden itself from the outside world.

Take a listen here….


To get more help, ideas, tips and practical examples on how you can easily and quickly create a stunning Japanese garden space at home please take a look at The Express Japanese Garden Club.

Creating A Japanese Garden At Home With The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club

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It is NOT possible to create a Japanese garden in a weekend. People who claim that it is are NOT telling the truth. If you do it won’t be right and won’t last long!

Making a Japanese garden takes a little knowledge, time and some help along the way.

We have just launched The EXPRESS Japanese Garden Club 6 modules to show you HOW to make a Japanese garden in your yard or garden in simple, easy to understand and follow steps.



What you NEED to include

Do’s and Don’t s

A FULL video, interview and time lapse video of a Japanese garden project to be inspired by and copy from START to finish!




And that’s just to start with.

Let us help and INSPIRE you….at an unbeatable , great value price ( you won’t believe it !! 🙂 )


Zen gardens – Small, Significant, Calming and Easy To Build!

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One of the most popular types of Japanese garden is called a ‘Karesansui’ garden. In English this word means ‘dry mountain stream’ and that is why these types of garden are known as ‘Dry’ gardens. they are heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism. They are peaceful, simple and waterless. Rocks are used and sand is raked to make it look like the sea.

Many hundreds of years ago this type of garden was built by ‘Senzui Kawarami’– in English ‘Mountain, stream and riverbed people’. They were master craftsman in building these Zen influenced agrdens, that originated according to most scholars in China.

The great thing is you can build one in a small space at home fairly simply and details of how to do it are in my book on the subject. It’s 54 pages of ROCK SOLID CONTENT including plans and video links , which means you can start Spring with a small Japanese style Zen garden at your home with the minimum of fuss!

Japanese Zen gardens book for Kindle
Japanese Zen gardens book for Kindle

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Creating A Japanese Garden For A Small Space OR Yard – Video

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Thank you for visiting our website that is all about Japanese gardens. You will find a great amount of information on the subject on this website – from Japanese gardens to Zen gardens ( sometimes known as Japanese rock gardens).

You will be able to access information to help you create your own small Japanese garden in your yard PLUS lots of background information on these unique types of gardens including their history, styles, spirituality, ingredients etc. Please have a good look around , the information is invaluable.

Here is our latest short video by way of introducing Creating A Japanese Garden For A Small Space OR Yard – take a look and grab your free copy of our design book …perfect for inspiring you to create a Japanese garden at home!

Creating A Japanese Garden In a Small Yard

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‘The Japanese Garden Club’ is the perfect companion for people wanting to create a Japanese garden in a small yard or space.

CLICK HERE to find out about the inspirational contnt that members have benefitted from in December and January. A start to finish Japanese garden video.

 And interview packed with great help and tips, Japanese Maples – everything you need to know about these popular ingredients in a Japanese garden AND Bridges in Japanese gardens – they can be large or very small to suit all sized spaces.

‘The Japanese Garden Club’ is packed with information to help you with your Japanese garden ideas and dreams and it’s all in ONE place!



Japanese Garden Design in 2014…It’s Time To Consider Your Options!

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Happy New Year!

If you are tempted by the idea of a Japanese garden at home or have long had a desire to have one but never quite got round to it….take a look at all our free help here! From our Pinterest account here are ALL of our JAPANESE GARDEN PRESENTATIONS in one place.

Really useful help and tips and FREE books too. Enjoy! ……and get started.

CLICK HERE to see all of our Japanese garden presentations.


Japanese Garden Newsletter – Its FREE and WILL Help You To Have Your Own Japanese Garden At Home

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I have a Japanese garden newsletter called ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin’.

I decided to launch it a few months ago specifically for people who wnated to learn all about Japanese gardens and HOW to have their own calming, stress free and beautiful Japanese garden space at home.

You DO NOT need a lot of money to do it  and you DO NOT need a lot of space. Japanese gardens reflect nature in miniature! So, if you only have a SMALL space it is no problem at all!

The reaction I get is great and the information that I provide is highly relevant and top quality. I would LOVE you to be part of my online Japanese garden community by reading ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin ‘ Newsletter.

The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launches in January 2013
The Japanese Garden Bulletin Newsletter launched in January 2013

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