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3 Japanese Gardens In One Space At Kew Gardens In London

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I was lucky enough to visit Kew gardens in London – a fabulous few hours spent looking at all of the areas of this oasis in South West London.

But, what I really went there for was to visit the Japanese garden area. It covers some 5000 square metres, has three different varieties of Japanese gardens within the space. The Imperial Gateway has been associated with the garden for many years and in recent years has been restored to become perhaps the finest example of such a building outside of Japan.

There is a restored Japanese Minka which is stunning, a Karensui garden, a virtual Tea garden and even a Bamboo garden all within a stones throw of Kew gardens world famous Pagoda.

On my Facebook page I have put several photgraphs from Kew and my visit to the Japanese garden and I plan to make a slideshow along with an interview with the gentleman who is responsible for the gardens authenticity and upkeep. I will post details of that in the near future on this website but it will be included in the second edition of my new ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens ‘ magazine that launches on iPad and iPhone in the very near future.

In the meantime, take a look at this shortish video as I take you around the Japanese garden area at London’s Kew gardens. Enjoy!


Japanese Zen Gardens Book for KINDLE Users

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I am delighted to say I now have my new publication on Zen gardens available for Kindle users on Amazon. If you have ever wondered ‘What Is A Zen garden?’then my book WILL tell you everything that you need to know.

Japanese Zen gardens book for Kindle

It is in plain English and just over 50 pages long with photo’s and lots of information that will make you an expert on the subject in a pretty short period of time!

Contents include – the meaning of Zen gardens, Zen garden history, types of Zen gardens, Japanese courtyard Zen gardens, the ingredients in a Zen garden, How big do they need to be?,Where should you build one, How to design one ( step by step instructions with pictures!) PLUS Stones, Rocks ( their use and meaning), Ornaments, Mosses, Bamboo, Plants, Shrubs, The world’s most famous Zen gardens and lots more!

Take a look by CLICKING HERE to see my Kindle listing.

It’s been a labour of love and as I have just finished building my own small space Zen garden at my home you can follow exactly how I did it and see the project from strat to finish. Relax and de-stress in a Japanese Zen garden its good for you!

The regular Ebook version of this book ( as an Adobe PDF download) will be avialable from August 19th from my website : http://www.whatisazengarden.com and on iPad and iPhone on Newstand as part of my soon to published ‘Japanese And Zen Gardens Magazine’.

What Is A Zen Garden?

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A Zen style Japanese garden

That is a question that is posed over 150,000 times a MONTH on Google by people searching for information.

In simplistic terms a Japanese Zen garden is also knows as a Japanese rock garden. The sort of garden that you can see above with its rocks, stones and raked gravel or sand.

Zen gardens have religious significance, are steeped in history, have meaning and are relaxing spaces to contemplate or meditate . They can be very large or very small – one was even made in an egg shell.

As a self confessed Zen garden lover I am in the process of building one in a fairly small space in my rear garden – it is about 80 per cent done and you can see a recent image below:

My nearly completed Zen garden – in a small space and constructed for comparitively little cost. Why don’t you build one?!

I have loved designing it , sourcing the materials and discovering the best way to actually do it simply and quickly – although you should never rush a Zen garden project , relaxation is part of the experience whilst building it and when it is finished.

I have made a series of short video’s to take you through the whole process and each video is a couple of minutes long – you will be able to pick up lots of good tips! Take a look at the videos by going to my Youtube channel for making a Japanese garden by CLICKING HERE

I will be filming a 5th video once the finishing touches are done and also am putting together a comprehensive manual on ZEN gardens and how to build one step by step. Watch out for more information on it as it will be in Ebook format, on Amazon’s Kindle and available for iPad and iPhone.

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PS My brand new Japanese Zen Gardens Book has NOW just been published for Amazon KINDLE – if you have thought to yourself ‘What Is A Zen Garden’ ALL the answers and how to build your own step-by step is here CLICK HERE

Japanese Zen Gardens – for Amazon Kindle

New Online Magazine About Zen Gardens

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Here in the UK we have been celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. Spectacular for the entire country BUT it rained a lot!! This means that work on my Japanese Zen garden has had to be put on hold as the next stage is the edging using cement and granite blocks as well as securing the weed prevention mat.

As soon as we can get going in slightly drier conditions then we will get going and film another video to show you exactly what we are doing and why!

If you visit my other Japanese garden website http://www.makingajapanesegarden.com you will be able to follow my progress and see my first short video. OR you can visit YouTube.com/zenibo777 .

Anyway, I have had time this past four day holiday weekend to put together and online magazine on the subject of ZEN gardens – it is updated pretty much daily and gives you new and relevant information on Japanese Zen gardens from all over the world . Please take a look the magazine is at this web address : http://www.scoop.it/t/zen-gardens.